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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank you cousin Andrea and Rebecca

I had a wonderful time last night - my cousin and I enjoyed a wonderful hamburger at the Great Dane restaurant and then we went to the West side mall for a relaxing evening - it was really nice to get out of the hotel and therapy centers.

Then after we finished eating - I went back to pick up Brextin - (the restaurant is only 1/2 block away from his therapy center) and I was surprised with flowers from Eliza's mom - so it was a better up-lifting day yesterday - (Isn't my vase beautiful!) The cards are from members of the Cornerstone Church in Elk Mound - I really truly enjoy knowing that caring people are praying for our son)

However, I am still having troubles feeding Brextin - he is really backed up - he had two really nice messy diapers on Sunday and on Monday - but he has not had any movement since then. I did place a suppository in his little tush last night - and usually they work within 30 minutes - but nothing has happened - he even whined last night - and now this morning he won't take ANY liquids - which is concerning me.

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