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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Therapy and so many different philosophies

My birth to three coordinator - asked me to check with another therapy center for additional PT - therapy over the summer - since he will only receive services about one to two times a month through the school district (I will pay out of pocket) - and so I did and I could not believe this is what the employee told me through an email - when I asked if they offered PT to help further my son's development . . .

If he does not have any means of moving by himself despite having had therapy for 2-3 years through B-3, this indicates that therapy is not necessarily helping him. This also indicates low therapy potential for significant change during a 8-12 week period (our summer program).

I responded to our birth to three coordinator - with thank you for passing me onto this other therapy center - however - I would rather work with individuals who see hope in our son's life - he has come a long way from where we began - and I believe there is potential - but I don't think therapy one time a week is enough - professional athletes do not become pros at their sport by practicing one hour a day once a week - it takes time and dedication - just like my son's life!

Would you not agree???


  1. Oh sheesh. These kids don't have "significant changes" in that amount of time anyway - things happen slowly and with time and practice! I can't believe they would say that to you! grrrr.

  2. wow i will pray for you. i used work for occupational therapy and physical therapy at Wisconsin school for the deaf. i cant believe they said to you. if i got degree for that then i would like work with your son often in west allis,wi and to get better. im planning to go to university of milwaukee on winter so i should graduate on 2014 or 2015.

  3. OMG! What an outrageous answer to PT.
    I am sorry.
    Of course Brextin has made wonderful changes.