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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to seizures and throwing up :-(

Once we increased his seizure meds - last week I thought we had conquered them - however - our wonderful daycare provider thought he had a seizure on Thursday - and threw up as a result of the seizure - and then today while at church - the same thing occurred.

While we were at church he was beginning to take a nap - and the pastor called up anybody who needed to be healed to come forward and so of course I took him up to the alter and once everyone clapped for praise - his eyes went right open, but nothing else happened - yet I was pretty sure something was going to occur - because he was in a deep sleep and now his eyes were wide open and sure enough - his face began to get red blotches all over it - and I saw the signs of a seizure coming on - so I rushed him to the back of the church to lay him on the floor and then he began to have a seizure - and luckily our friend Sam followed me to make sure everything was ok - because he ended up throwing up his breakfast all over himself and the floor - and luckily Sam found a towel near by that allowed us to catch some of it.

Praise be the Lord- please heal our son and allow a miracle to occur!! He just doesn't deserve to be put through this - he is such an adorable boy who deserves to be able to enjoy life just like you and me!

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