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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to seizures and throwing up :-(

Once we increased his seizure meds - last week I thought we had conquered them - however - our wonderful daycare provider thought he had a seizure on Thursday - and threw up as a result of the seizure - and then today while at church - the same thing occurred.

While we were at church he was beginning to take a nap - and the pastor called up anybody who needed to be healed to come forward and so of course I took him up to the alter and once everyone clapped for praise - his eyes went right open, but nothing else happened - yet I was pretty sure something was going to occur - because he was in a deep sleep and now his eyes were wide open and sure enough - his face began to get red blotches all over it - and I saw the signs of a seizure coming on - so I rushed him to the back of the church to lay him on the floor and then he began to have a seizure - and luckily our friend Sam followed me to make sure everything was ok - because he ended up throwing up his breakfast all over himself and the floor - and luckily Sam found a towel near by that allowed us to catch some of it.

Praise be the Lord- please heal our son and allow a miracle to occur!! He just doesn't deserve to be put through this - he is such an adorable boy who deserves to be able to enjoy life just like you and me!

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  1. My son was diagnosed with a rare form absence status epilepsy. His seizures show no symptoms until the seizure has lasted for hours! The only warning we had was he started acting only tired at first then gradually he started acting confused and from there for 24 hours he didn't know what year it was, where he went to school, or even what grade he was in etc. his motors skills were perfect and he talked to everyone normal the entire time, he just couldn't answer certain questions. The hospital kept him overnight and gave him fluids and in 24 hours he slowly started remembering and they said he was good and sent us home. We know now that he was having a constant seizure the ENTIRE TIME of his confusion! Almost 3 months later he begins having the same symptoms when I woke him up for his 2nd day of school. we are sent for an EEG, which revealed at 10 am he was actually having what the neurologist referred to as the worst EEG he had seen) we then were sent to a different children's hospital where they observed him until 8:00pm, all this time my son passes every test, he is talking and his motor skills are completely normal! They finally begin his EEG around 9:00pm. It reveals he is still in seizure! They are blown away. Say they have never seen an absence case like his and they quickly gave him a big dose of adavan which immediately stops the seizure and he is able to regain his memory immediately. Does anyone have a child who has these same symptoms? His neuro doctor ordered a brain glucose test, but when we went for a follow up last week they said the test had been canceled and they had no idea what happened? When I asked if they were going to draw his blood and re do the test, they said that his medicine was controlling the seizures so far so they didn't feel the need to do the test! I need advice and some direction. I searched further; visited epilepsy websites, blogs. I find info about someone having the same symptoms. I was really determined. Fortunately for me, I stumbled on a testimony of someone who had epilepsy for several years and was cured through herbal medication. I read awesome stories of people whose condition were worse . But due to numerous testimonies. I was more than willing to try it. I contacted the doctor Gabriel, and my son used the Nectar herbs. It became a miracle for my son free from rare form absence status epilepsy within 3 months. The Nectar medicine worked without any trace of side effects on my son. totally cure. I decided to share my son story to tell people out there, that there is a hope for those with epilepsy using nectar medicine and anyone who suffers from seizures can be cured. Email