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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poof chair

This is a picture of a chair we have - that will be wonderful for Brextin when he gets bigger - it is called a "poof chair" it is like a bean bag chair but is filled with recycle sofa foam - and if it loses its shape all you do is "poof" it up - I plan on placing a picture of my oldest son sitting in it soon - so other parents will be able to see how big it actually is - I think ours is a 3 foot chair. The chair can be shaped to fit around the child.

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  1. Hello-
    Thanks for contacting me!
    Roa receives Craniosacral with a great therapist, Kim Pilgrim, who lives in Shoreview, MN but does the therapy in our home. I HIGHLY recommend her. She is wonderful with children!

    We DID do HBOT in Madison, and now have a homechamber. Madison was great, stressful being away from home, but we may go back.

    ABM is a therapy I am just so hopeful about. I have asked all of Roa's current therapists to take a look at it.
    I recommend you get the DVD series for special needs. It really makes you think about movement.
    Anyway,... blah blah.... Keep in touch and thanks for introducing me to your gorgeous, Brextin!