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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seizures still not controled . . . & horse therapy

We have now increased his generic Keppra to 4.0 ml two times a day. He had three seizures yesterday - one with convulsions.

While a ton of families are planning a family vacation for the summer months - I am planning to spend our family vacation money on therapy needed for my son since we only get 40 sessions combined for OT, ST, and PT. I have been seeking horse therapy for him. Once he turns three all horse therapy centers will take him. (most will begin him on a probation period - since he is so tiny they are unsure if they have a helmet to fit him) The prices that I have found have been around $300 to $400 for either 6 to 10 sessions. Plus since he will lose birth to three services over the summer we will need to pay for each therapy session out of pocket - (each therapy center at the Special Children Center usually costs a little over $100 per session) , ,

I certainly HOPE things will improve over the years so our oldest son is able to enjoy some vacations - it is unbelievable how much therapy cost and isn't covered under any type of insurance. The sad part is that there is no guarantee that the therapy will even advance my son's progress - we can only pray!~

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  1. Hi there,

    Just a suggestion.. we faced a similar situation when Ana's old insurance (Avmed) allowed only 30 visits combined. A nice lady in Avmed told us that they can authorize more if medically necessary. Not sure if you have that option, but it's worth asking. Usually they don't tell you things like that unless you ask.

    Good luck !