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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another step backwards

I had a late day at work - for a late in-service and so I called our daycare provider on my way home to see how things went today - and she said - I wish I could tell you good news - however - he had a seizure today that lasted about 2 minutes but this one was different - it appeared as if he was having convulsions while the seizure was occurring. His hands and feet were moving.

This is a first for him - I sure hope they won't continue (usually his body just freezes until the seizure stops) - then as soon as I walked into the house my husband told me he had another one during his bath - but he didn't see convulsions - urgh!! I hate this!!! He has been seizure free for one week and now we are back to the unknown!!! I have notified our neuro to see if another EEG will be needed if he continues to have convulsions - hopefully I will hear back soon.

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