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Friday, November 27, 2009

We have been blessed with great news!!

I have nothing but good news to report in regards to Brextin's MRI - our Dr. indicated that today was a day of good news - I don't think I ever have heard him say that (I am so relieved to hear this) - he stated that there appeared to be nothing wrong with his brain appearance - in the past his MRI's have shown some extra fluid surrounding his brain - and currently the fluid looks to have improved which is a huge plus. Plus his white matter myelin appears to be getting thicker - this is needed in order to send messages to the learning part of the brain - which is another big plus.

All in all - he stated that today was a day of good news and that everything looked positive - however it appears as if Brextin is progressing on his own schedule - and not on the "normal" progressive schedule - but the good news is that he hasn't regressed and he does continue to work hard to move forward - thank you Lord for our prayers have been answered!!!

We could not have asked for better news! Praise the Lord - Amen!!!

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  1. I am so happy to hear of your positive MRI report! Merry christmas..