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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We would like to wish everyone a very happy full filling Thanksgiving!!

Today was the first day that we have begun to wean Brextin off of Topamax - he is getting one less pill of sprinkles a day (50mg in the morning and 75 mg at night) - and have moved his Keppra seizure drug up from .2ml to .4 ml.

Tomorrow is the day of the MRI - my mom and dad will be joining me tomorrow for support instead of our wonderful daycare provider - since my mom is still recovering from a total knee replacement - I was unsure if she would be willing to come - but since my dad will be joining us - he will be able to push her in a wheelchair while we venture onto our appointments - I am hoping Brextin will sleep right through the MRI so we won't have to sedate him.

I am still fighting the cold - I was put on a 5 day anti-biotic but the side effects have been to strong for me that I do not think I will be continuing the doses - last night my whole arm fell asleep, my heart began to race, I got severe stomach cramps, and I began to get real dizzy. I just wonder if my son ever experiences some of these unpleasant side effects due to his many medications that he has been on throughout his life. I have found it to be quite scary not having total control over your body due to medications.

Please continue to have our son in your prayers as we have his MRI procedure tomorrow as well as the results.

Again hope everyone has had an enjoyable holiday - and we are very thankful for our family and friends.

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