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Monday, November 9, 2009

Here are some great photos of Brextin eating!

Brextin has begun to grab the spoon as we try to feed him - or often he decides to place his fingers into his mouth while it is filled with food and then we end up with food everywhere - in this photo Brextin was eating the pureed meat dinner - which ended up all over his face.
In the other photo - Dad decided to try to feed him noodles and I was quite impressed on how well he played with them and then placed them into his mouth - he didn't end up eating a ton of them - but it was nice to see him play with his food - I thought I would never say that.
ooh ya - how do you like his new hair cut - it is the shortest we have ever had it - I miss his curls on the top - however they should grow back shortly.

Here is a video of him with the noodles . . .

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