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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can you believe it - I finally had a day to myself!

Can you believe it - I had a whole day to myself- my husband was up at the hospital with Brextin doing a 24 hour EEG and my Mother-N-Law took my oldest - I was pondering to myself - what am I going to do with 24 hours to myself -

(These days only happen about once a year - since very few people are willing to watch Brextin - especially over night)

I began to make my list early on in the week - I was going to go to my favorite Mexican place in town and order take out, then I was going to go to the local movie store and get - The Proposal - and then I was going to head back home to lay on the couch with our Daschund and just relax - and not wake up until my hear t desired - however my dream did not come true -

I got the flu - that is right - the lousy flu- (It all started with the chills at work on Friday- I could not get warm enough and then I noticed I couldn't go far away from any bathroom) I have been tied up at home for the whole weekend!! And it totally sticks!! I did not even get out of bed until around noon - it has just worn me out!

Hunting time is right around the corner which means I will need to pull double duty on the weekends. So I was really looking forward to this weekend off - I feel so miserable that I am hoping that I am able to go to work tomorrow. UURRG why now - I am only hoping that Brextin doesn't get what I got - or daddy will be doing diaper duty all day and all night long :-)

The good news is that I did just find out we do qualify for respite care (about 5 hours a week) - now I only need to find the time to interview the candidates. There are about 5 people interested in working with our son. I plan on taking baby steps - I find it very tough to leave him in the hands of anyone else other than myself, our wonderful daycare provider, or one of our parents.

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