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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Anyone with a special child knows that you have to have some type of agreement when you are married in order to continue to have things run some what normal. Well during the school year my husband usually does the doctor appointments and during the Summer I do the doctor appointments - unless my son is being sedated - then I do take the time off and attend them as well. It can be tough only having so many sick days and trying to make sure you don't use all of them on your son's doctor appointments.

When my husband goes - I always request to be on speaker phone while the doctor is present to make sure there is no communication lost in-between the translation. When the doctor came in on Saturday I was pleased to be included in the conversation - however when he brought home the dismissal papers I noticed that dad had mentioned a couple of things to the doctor.

Before I mention these items - I need to remind myself - these are only words on paper - but I get so upset - because I have been so please with the improvements that I have been seeing with my son.

The papers read . . . Dad claims child in unable to hold head up (are you serious - he has no problem with this)

Dad claims he needs assistance while sitting (really - at times he does tip - over - but not all that often)

Dad claims there is no improvement since the last time the doctor has seen him (are you nuts - your son just started to scoot his knees forward while on tummy time, he has started to eat orally again, he is starting to get his tongue further and further out, he has been able to bounce up and down while on his knees - as he sits in-between our legs) These are the reasons why I would rather go to the appointments - I often think that my husband is blinded at times with our son's development - until my son can walk, jump, talk and run - my son is not improving.

When I confronted my husband to the discharge papers and their comments - he stated don't let their comments get to you - they are only words - and yes they are only words - but don't you think your son has improved lately - and he had agreed - he has improved -

I am sure other parents can relate - I just needed to vent my frustrations on reading my son's discharge papers from Saturday.

My husband did mentioned the our doctor's intern did have a chance to look at Brextin's blog and she commented on how useful it was to her - hopefully with her looking at it - she will get a better understanding at what our son is capable of doing.

I must mention I do love my husband very much and he is a great daddy - this was just an entry to my son's blog that I needed to write to allow myself to vent out my frustrations on what was written in the discharge papers from the hospital.

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  1. My husband does the same thing, it is so annoying! I get all excited when I see Nathan do something new, and when I mention it to Owen, Nathan's dad, his usual comment is - oh, he used to do that before, or oh, I don't know what you're talking about. It's so frustrating because it takes all of the joy out of all the little accomplishments. These days I don't even talk to him about that so I don't get hurt. I keep trying to remind myself it's different for men.
    Brextin definitely seems to have made progress, even I can see that from the videos, so don't be discouraged!