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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Keppra here we come!!

Brextin just got a 24 hour EEG done at Rochester Mayo and his EEG showed no background activity which is great - however he did have some electronic seizures - that appeared on his left brain lobe - (these seizures were not physically seen - we only knew they were occurring because of the EEG report) the Dr. is concerned that something has changed in his brain structurally - and so he has asked us to schedule another MRI in the next month or so - just to be safe.

Because of the improvements on his EEG he is willing to wean him off the drug known as topamax and then gradually begin him on Keppra - I have heard from others that Keppra can be a wonderful drug however it comes with is well known side effects as well. Here is a link to the well known side effects - there are a ton of side effects - which concerns me as well.

OOOh how I wish our son would be able to live a healthy happy normal life without any seizures and especially without any drugs!!

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