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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still seizure Free!!

He had no seizures on Thursday, Friday or yet today - it has been amazing!!! We had respite come this morning so I could take a trip to Wal-mart and get some daily items - I am telling you I am loving respite - If you currently do not have respite - I strongly suggest you check out -

A nurse came to our home and did an eval on Brextin- and notified us that we qualify for 5 hours per day - (our Medicaid covers the care worker) We don't use respite as much as we should. At first I was nervous about having a stranger watch our little guy - but once we met - I knew she would take very good care of him - she is actually studying to be a nurse - so luckily we will have her for about 2 more years as she is finishing off her degree. Nursing runs in her family - since her mother is a nurse also.

I haven't been so lucky with the suck - I keep trying - but the little guy only does it when he so desires.

He hits the road one last time tomorrow and will be done with the dives this Thursday - we will then be back to normalcy in our house hold.

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  1. seizures for a few days! I will say a prayer that this continues. So glad that you were able to have a date night. It is good to recharge the battery. You do so much research and therapy with Brextin and I know how time consuming it all is. I've learned some new things from Brextin's site and really appreciate all the information you provide. You are an amazing mother.

    Kay Gleason, PA mom to Matthew 24 mths IS