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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can other mom's relate?

Let me begin I love my husband but a situation just occurred about 2 seconds ago - he saw me typing on the computer and made a lovely comment , "I see you on the computer again!" Which makes me feel guilty - however I am on the computer for two reasons:
1) To check my list serves that I belong to - in hopes to connect with other parents about certain topics - maybe it is about drugs, therapies, toys, etc.
2) Update my son's blog -

(I consider both of the above to be my outlet)

Yet he can enjoy himself at our local YMCA to play racquetball - at least 2 days a week - yet sometimes 3 days a week - each time he leaves for the Y - he is gone for at least 4 hours each time -

But yet he can complain that I am on the computer - "REALLY!!" If I was to add up all of my minutes as I sit on the computer - it would come no where come close to 8 hours.

Can anyone else relate???

My free time is spent all on my son - and if I leave to do some shopping - I hear - how could it take you that long to shop - really!!!

Yet he tells me that I need an outlet - Is it a guy thing?? I am beginning to lose it!!


  1. I can relate. Just remember this is hard on everyone involved. Stress comes out in many ways for people. Everybody needs an outlet, his might be to play raquetball and yours may be the PC. A true outlet is something that is for should not feel guilty about taking some time for just yourself (take a bath, read a book, go to a movie)doesn't happen often as a Mom but try once a month to start. Being a parent is hard enough throw a special needs child in and it is overwhelming most of the time. I try to live the motto of "Don't sweat the small stuff" and "am I going to be mad about this in 10 years?" The answer is usually: No, probably not. Brush it off, not worth the argument.

  2. I will write you an email (eventually!) but I can definitely relate. Before disability and after! You are definitely not alone, girlfriend!

  3. oh yes, I can relate!!!
    I love the computer for an outlet, too, and most of what I do on it is about Suzy.
    We'll just ignore there little glances,and remarks :)
    If it wasnt' for us searching the web, we wouldn't know of as many treatment options, or ideas..... and isn't it mainly the Moms that do all of the extrea care, anyway/
    My hubby is fantastic (and almost perfect); however, he is much more passive in the recovery of Suzy. He is more of a "let's just love her the way she is" kind of a guy.
    I DO love her the way she is - but I just want to get her BETTER.
    He also gets caught up in the financial aspect of treating Suzy more than I do.
    So - I keep aggressively searching the web, and connecting with moms, and finding alternative therapies, and luckily, he keeps finding a way to pay for them.
    I'm praying for Brextins seizures to stay away, and I'm glas to see a suck is improving.
    The first time we did 40 dives, Suzy got her sucking and chewing back!. (That was last November '08; and she just took off from there! We has her feeding tube removed in Feb. '09 - 3 months later. ya-hoo)