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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brextin's home for the weekend :-)

Today was a rough day - out of no where - Brextin threw up - my husband asked me if he had a seizure - and I don't believe he did - He was in 4 point rocking back and forth and then all of a sudden his lunch came right up - so I quickly scooped him up and gave him a bath.

We are still working on his suck - he is sucking about two times per meal through a straw (not even a special straw - just a "normal" straw - which is major progress.

A couple of weeks ago I weighed him and he weighed around 21 pounds and today he weighs 23 .7 pounds - I wonder if the Topamax had anything to do with him not gaining any weight.

As of today - he is totally OFF Topamax - which is a wonderful accomplishment - gosh I hated that drug - it has worked against his seizures - but I think it has influenced his appetite and had other bad side effects. He was on the drug for over 2 years.

He will be heading back to Madison tomorrow and will have another 10 oxygen dives this week - then only 6 more dives will remain.

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