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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We have been very busy!

We have had good and bad days lately - school has started again for me - and so I am not able to update the blog as I was during the summer - but I will do my best to update it - when there are any improvements or set backs.

Here is a photo of Brextin while he is having one of his seizures. We were up at my parent's cabin. I will try to post the video as well - however the video was taken in the middle - I wish I was able to get the full seizure on tape - but we just never know when they will strike - this one occurred while he was napping on his belly - I noticed his hands getting stiff - and rolled him over and saw that he was having a seizure. There is nothing one can do - you just have to let him have it - I like to reassure him and myself that everything will be ok.

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