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Saturday, September 19, 2009

ShopKo experience (Brextin throws up in public Yuck!)

Brextin just got some new braces (with dinosaurs) on them - and the company suggested that Brextin should wear shoes that have a rounded toe - so I went to Shopko to see if I could find a pair - and they did - the shoes even have Velcro - and they have a camo print - which I am sure big brother will like -

However - as I wondered throughout the store - he had a seizure while sitting in the cart - I quickly moved the cart to an area that did not have carpet on it - just in case - he decided to throw up - and sure enough he did - mind you at this point I had nothing with me to wipe it up - so I then asked the shoe department associate if she could call a Shopko associate over to help me and I explained to her that my son just had a seizure and he just threw up - at this point - two customers came up and asked if they could do anything - I gratefully asked if they had any Kleenex in their purses so I could clean up my son as well as my hand - and they both offered - however still no associate - however the shoe department associate came back and gave us a roll of paper towels - which was an asset - then after it was all cleaned up a Shopko associate came up and we mentioned that she should have the area cleaned - but not to be frightened and reassured her that my son did not have the flu or a sickness and that he only threw up because of the seizure. During this whole moment - I began to cry - probably because I was embarrassed - and one of the customers offered me a hug - which was comforting.

I still can not believe that he went over 5 months without throwing up and now he is back at it - it just nerve wrenching!!! OOh how I pray that this vomiting stops!!

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