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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brextin's Mic-key button and granulation

Brextin got his button installed about 3 weeks ago and we have been battling granulation - it is a type of build up that forms around his button (his feeding tube) - we have to use silver nitrate to burn it off - it doesn't hurt as long as we only touch the infected areas -
The very first time we saw the build up - I was concerned that it was infected so we went to our local urgent care last Saturday but that doctor refused to do anything so we called our local doctor - and she came in on a Saturday and showed us how to use the silver nitrate and to use it every other day - I am beginning to think I should receive an honoring degree as a nurse and a therapist after all that we have gone through with our son.
Please forgive me - as these pictures are disgusting - but the main reason why I keep this blog is to help others out - and when this first occurred I could not find a picture on the Internet to compare it to - so I have decided to post Brextin's photos.


  1. Oh - we had this problem too! I didn't even realize it until our doctor said something - I thought it was just "part of the deal" - Anyway, we did silver nitrate every day until it went away (which was really fast) and put hydrocortisone treatment on top of it after the silver nitrate. She said to do it for a week, but we really only needed 4-5 days. It has NEVER come back after that!

  2. When my daughter got hers put in we had the same thing and we were given something called Kenologg cream. it cleared it up and all that was left was the scar tissue which is normal.

  3. We have it in our son, too, but the doctor. Let him say that OK has no germ, let us leave it can and fall alone....... But it worries me.