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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Watch Brextin bounce

This is a video of Brextin bouncing in his specially designed Merry Muscles from an Occupational Therapist in Canada - if you were to come into my house and see him bounce - you would never guess that he has special needs - he really loves to bounce - I have even added a small trampoline to better enhance his development - I love the fact that the trampoline is enclosed - so I can add plastic balls and make it into a ball pit for sensory therapy as well - big brother even enjoys the trampoline and ball pit. I also tie noise making items to the bouncer to encourage him to bounce even more - he often will stare at the silver measuring spoons or the silver bells that I attach - since he is legally blind the shiny items even provide vision therapy as he looks up at them.
I just wish there was something out there to help him with upper body strength - he will never be able to crawl or walk unless he can figure out how to balance his middle half. He just got fitted for a gait trainer - thanks to baby Elijah who is allowing us to borrow it to allow him to learn to walk - we are not quite at that mark in his life yet - but it sure is nice to see him inside the trainer and dreaming of the day - as of right now he just bounces.

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