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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brextin back in the ER

Brextin just had a 4 hour visit yesterday to the local ER - he has a terrible cold! They took blood, x-rays, and provided a breathing procedure. It all started this week - he just wasn't himself, sleeping a lot, and not keeping his food down. So Andy took him to urgent care on Friday and found out that he had double ear infection. So now we are scheduled for an ear appointment at Mayo in April. Since he keeps getting so many ear infections they are leaning towards inserting tubes - which will be beneficial when he does his oxygen dives in June.

On Friday he just kept throwing up while coughing and so my mom came over and stayed the night to help throughout the evening. On Saturday Brextin and myself missed his cousin's birthday party- I just didn't want to risk taking him outside with his bad cold - so my mom took big brother to the event - but since he wasn't keeping his food down and or any liquids - I took him to the ER.

The gave him a breathing procedure, took blood, and gave a chest x-ray - all tests were normal - except that his ears are really infected - so they gave us a shot that was an antibiotic to help. They also gave us a liquid steroid to help with his cough - and have been instructed to follow up on Monday with his regular doctor. So far he has kept breakfast down and hope that lunch will go just as easy.

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  1. Randi, sorry to hear about the ER visit. I hope Brextin is feeling better and getting over his cold.