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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brextin has gone two weeks of NO throwing up!

We have changed his toddler formula - "medical" food - we switched to Ultracare for Kids (it doesn't have any corn syrup) it was suggested by the doctor in which we will see when Brextin goes for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - it is rather expensive ($45 for a container with 21 servings - we try to stretch the serving sizes since he is also eating organic stage 2 babyfood) - but it actually has been two weeks - minus the times in which he threw up due to a seizure or having a terrible cold - it is so much more comforting knowing we are able to provide our son with nutrition and he is actually keeping it down - we have prayed for these days to arrive - and they have - I just hope we continue being lucky! Yay for Brextin :-)

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