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Monday, December 21, 2009

A wonderful first day of dives :-)!

We had a wonderful day - no problems - This is our schedule:

Our first dive is in the morning - then we go for one hour of therapy (either speech, physical, or occupational - since our insurance won't cover the sessions - we can only afford one hour a day) - then we both eat lunch - then we do another oxygen dive - then our day ends (however tonight - we went swimming at our hotel when we got home)

Our schedule isn't as busy as it was the last time we were here (since we did 4 hours of intensive therapy each day)- but it is still very busy - as we have more time on our hands this time - I am filling it up - by having him walk in his walker, swing on his wingbo swing, or rock back and forth in 4 point.

I am very nervous on driving back home this Thursday - a big snow storm is approaching and I can not leave until he has at least one oxygen dive. It is suppose to have a weathery mix - which consists of freezing drizzle, snow and rain. Anybody who knows me -knows I hate to drive on snowy roads - especially with a baby on board!!

Here are some photos and videos from our first therapy session.

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