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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another good day - but bad weather!

When I looked out my hotel window - it looked like a winter wonderland - but I made it to the center just fine - it stopped snowing here around 3:00 just as our second dive was ending. My dad called me today informing me of the weather report for the upcoming days - it doesn't sound good - but time will tell - I want to enjoy Christmas with my oldest son but I am also not going to risk our lives - and especially won't be able to make it if they close down the highways - we will just have to wait and see -

The oxygen center mentioned that if Madison gets hit as hard as they claim - their center won't be open either on Thursday - they will inform me on Wednesday if they plan on being opened or not. But to me - it sounds as if Thursday will have better driving conditions than Wednesday unless the rain begins to freeze.

I hate to say it but - technology might be on our side - if all else fails and I am unable to get home - I did bring my web camera with me and I could use skype to connect with my family - the downside is that both of my family members (my mom and my husband) do not have laptops - but they do have web cameras on their desktops - so if all else fails - I could have my son open up each gift while he sits in front of the webcam - so I won't miss any memories - however I really want to enjoy helping him make a plate of cookies and milk for Santa and to leave a key on the front door for Santa as well - since don't have a chimney :0)

As for our dives - both dives went well - when I say this - it means no seizures occurred - which I am always concerned with - especially since we are still weaning him off one of his seizure meds . This Thursday - is the day that we get to remove two more topamax pills from his daily meds - He had physical therapy yesterday and speech was today.

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