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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back in Mad-town - hoping for success!!

We had a wonderful Christmas - it was a real fun period for me - my oldest son has been talking so highly about Santa and was very excited for the big day to arrive - we even hung a "Santa key" on our door knob - left of course cookies and milk for Santa (he actually even made the cookies) and we even left carrots for the reindeer -

However the best moments came when we introduced the book called, The Elf on the Shelf - Since I was going to be gone about 5 days before Christmas I asked my daycare provider to read the book to him and to go about hiding the elf each and every day - boy did Brayden get involved with this activity - he named the little elf - Frisbee - I picked Frisbee up when I got back from Brextin's oxygen dives (Adults can touch the elf - but once a child touches it - it looses it's magic) - and Brayden's eyes lite up knowing that Frisbee was going to spend the the next couple of days at his house - we even had to bring the elf over to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve. I highly suggest if you have a child who believes in magic - you have to check out this book - it was a ton of fun!!!

Brextin has been doing well - we did see two seizures - over the past 4 days and am hoping we won't see anymore -

I will be doing 8 more oxygen dives this week along with Craniosacral therapy and his regular therapy located here in Madison - then I will switch with another family relative who will help finish off with the rest of the 20 odd dives - while I head back to work.

We continue to pray for success for our son's development -in hopes he will move forward and improve on some of his milestones.

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