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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's report on his dives

Today he ended up throwing up again while in the chambers - however he never had a seizure - so it was unexpected - but this time - I was prepared and brought a bib in with me this time - see I am getting smarter as I get older.

The second dive was wonderful - no throwing up and no seizures -

We will be heading back home tomorrow after his two dives and his last therapy session - and then on Sunday - another one of my relatives will be taking him to his dives and therapy appointments - as I head back to work.

Once I hear anything from my relative - I will try to post - and keep everyone updated -

Thank you so much for your support - it is needed as each day seems more and more stressful as we still do not know what his future holds for himself or our family. Right now we just love him for being who he is and continue to pray for further development.

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