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Monday, December 28, 2009

Here is a list of Brextin's Christmas gifts

What does one get a child who has extreme needs for Christmas? Here are some of the items that Brextin received this year . . .

Pete the talking parrot - it repeats everything that is said - it isn't crystal clear - but it is repeated in your very own voice - see video located below

Chuckle Buddies - Motion Activated Rolling Laughing Dog Puppy (I found this at the mall - it is quite cute - ours will roll when there is any type of sound - such as a clap or a voice) I don't think this is the exact one - but very similiar - our rolls and then rolls the other way - (I bought this in hopes he would be able to track it with his eyes) Here is a video off of you tube.

Chewable necklaces - and a bracelet.

Chewlery Soft Elephant Necklaces -

Gripper Rattle - (He really shakes this toy)

Tolo Activity Play Cube

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