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Saturday, October 17, 2009

We are breaking out of here!!

We are getting out of here!! They do agree he is still a very very sick child - however he will probably feel better in his own bed and being surrounded by family. They suggest he stays home for 7 days and anyone that has been around him within the past couple of days should get treated with tamaflu right away - (if they were pregnant, over 65 or under the age of two), luckily no one that I can recall has been around him that fit those categories.

We will continue with the tamaflu medicine, and amoxicillin to help fight off the influenza A and to fight his pneumonia.

He is still sleeping - I tried to stand him today - to help stretch his muscles - he placed weight on his legs for about a minute and then he went into a sitting position. He is still very week and sleepy.

The doctors have told us if he is still sleepy and non-responsive in one week - we are advised to follow up with our local ped doctor - but they figure he will be in this sleep mode for at least 7 more days. This type of flu just wears you out they say.

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