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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween - what a Holiday!

Brextin was drawn to his brother's shiny knight costume. He kept reaching for his outfit.

These are the days I get a little down - I see my oldest son gleam ear to ear with the excitement of going door to door to get treats - yet I look at my youngest - and understand he may never get to enjoy that feeling - and I will never be able to see him understand the concept of the holiday. As I hear the door bell ring I am forced to open the door to look at little ones who are similar in age - holding their bucket - trying to say "trick or treat" yet my little guy is unable to say anything - not even ma ma. OOh how I hate these feelings - Yet I glance at him and thank the Lord for allowing us to be blessed with our little lion. He is adorable and how I pray that he will be able to understand certain things throughout his life and that we will be able to enjoy those memories. Please continue to say prayers for his health and for his development -

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