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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Both kids are sick YUCK!!

Yesterday Bray was sick - with a cough and a fever (104 degrees) - at night he was feeling better until 1:00 am came around - then he felt as if he was going to throw up (nothing happened) - then came Brextin - he started to cough and throw up around 6:00 am - Brextin's fever was 102 but is coming down - he was only throwing up foam - luckily he has the G-tube so we have been able to pump in food and fluids into him - he has yet to throw up any food - which is puzzling - he is now resting in my arms as I am typing this - Brayden has been sleeping most of the day as well -

The positive side is that both boys were sick on the weekend so no work time was lost - we will have to wait and see tomorrow to see if we will need to stay home with the boys.

Brextin is scheduled for an EEG this Friday at Mayo - it will be a 24 hour study - Andy will be doing this visit - and then I will go to his appointment on Monday - this will be the day that we will get the results of his EEG study.

I have been reading up on some postings at the following website . . . it is a site in which parents are able to connect with their stories - I posted the water neck ring and the merry muscles device - but I see someone posted a device called the WINGBO the device looks as if it would be helpful for Brextin but the price is just to high for us right now - I have looked at Craigslist - but I was unable to find any for sale.

He is starting to outgrow his bouncer - so I have been looking for another device that would allow him to bounce - that was when I ran across the radio flyer horse with a safety saddle. I searched and searched for the best deal and came across the toy for around $100. - I was waiting for it to be a Christmas gift - but I couldn't wait. So I bought one and put it together - He is slowly rocks on it - I will try to post a video later on when he is feeling better. I have to put two pillows under his feet so he is able to push off on something - unless his feet hang in the air and he just sits on it.

I was able to visit our local United Cerebral Palsy branch on Friday and am borrowing a one step communication device - we have one at home and now he will be able to have one at daycare as well - it is a switch that allows you to record your voice on it and when he pushes the button - he is able to hear the voice - we try to record his own sounds - he likes to hear himself every chance he can.

Please say a prayer that both of our boys are feeling better in no time and that we don't catch their bug.

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