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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Insurance blahs!

I am very annoyed with our new insurance company - we use to have Anthem - and our policy allowed our son to receive 30 sessions a piece of Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapy - and our school district recently changed to Group Health and now will only provide 40 sessions - combined - which means our son will only be able to get 15 sessions of PT, 15 sessions of OT, and 10 sessions of speech - that is disgusting!

When I talked to our insurance company - they responded with . . . we don't provide therapy for developmental issues - we mostly provide therapy for those who are recovering from a surgery and actually speech is NEVER provided to children - but since our son has shown aspiration in the past - they are doing a favor and are allowing us to include it into his 40 sessions.

Plus our son has out grown his foot braces and when we received a new script - our insurance company replied - we don't cover orthopedic braces either - ooh my gosh - if they look at my son's feet can clearly see that he is in need of braces to help reshape his feet and now we will have to pay out of pocket -

I just wish we would have gotten more equipment when we were with Anthem - because I bet we will struggle with Group Health to receive any help -

Wish us luck as we venture into this new change of insurance - we just switched as of July 1st and today is July 21st - so I can only imagine what is ahead for us in the future.

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