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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here is a list of improvements from oxygen and intentsive therapy

Since I have been back of course everyone wants to know if we are seeing improvements - these are some of the things we are seeing:

When I hold him - his legs are no longer limp - he pulls them up - so it feels as if he is crawling up my side.

His grasp has gotten tighter - when he grabs my shirt or my finger - it is a lot tighter than in the past. He actually grabbed my hair and glasses yesterday. (so he is grabbing more things)

He is crawling backwards (army style - but he does get up on four point in-between his pushes) (he did do this sorta - about one year ago but we lost it - and now it is back) (this has just started - Thursday night)

He can chew - we are able to place food into his mouth and he is able to move the food around with his tongue and smack his lips together.

He is louder and more vocal - he is beginning to make some new sounds -

He can get up on four point and hold his head a lot taller than he was able to before

When we walk him - we use to hold onto his fingers and when we lifted his right hand up - his right foot would come up (we were doing the weight shifting for him) and now we actually hold him in the middle around his waist and he will lift and move his foot forward himself - we are working on this with his gait trainer (from Elijah) and doing it ourselves.

He smiles more often - and at times I think he is getting his own personality.

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