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Monday, July 6, 2009

Andy did a dive!

I left my camera down in the van - but will post pictures later - of course he fell asleep in record time - Brextin slept as well - which is always nice so he can rest up for his two hours of therapy that occur soon after his dive.

We went to the children's museum yesterday and ate at a near by Italian restaurant - It sure has been nice to eat food that isn't frozen - I will be heading home tomorrow for good after his last therapy session tomorrow which is 6:00 p.m.

I can not thank the people enough who have allowed us to try this type of therapy - my heart goes out to each one of you for your love and support!

I think I am seeing progress - even yesterday while we eating at the Italian place - he was sitting in a high chair and was exploring the table in front of him - which is very seldom done and grabbing things toward him - he will explore toys at home on his high chair but those toys are colorful and are entertaining - this time he was grabbing the white table cloth, the white napkin, etc - it appeared as if he was exploring.

When I asked Andy what he thought about his oxygen dive - his response was - it is bigger in the chamber than one would think - and that I had to swallow a ton to help relieve the pressure in my ears - but it wasn't bad - I got a good nap in - actually it was the deepest that I have slept in a long time.

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