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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seizures are exploading - terrible news!!

Brextin has been having a ton of seizures the past four days - which is concerning me a ton -

We will begin to increase his seizure medicine - back to what it was 4 weeks ago. He only had two seizures yesterday and the day before - however today he had at least 6 seizures.

I hate to see him experience the seizures - I feel so helpless - I often try to just calm him and reassure him that I am near him and that everything will be ok.

I don't recall a day in his life that he has had this many seizures and so I am praying that they will go away again - I had high hopes that we would be able to wean him off of the terrible drug called toppamax - but it doesn't appear as if that dream will not come true.

Once he has a seizure he gets very tired and tends to sleep a lot - I am hoping that we are able to get the seizures under control since he will begin MEDEK therapy on Monday - MEDEK is a type of therapy that will occur two times a day - spaced out at least 4 hours apart. My mom will be joining me on our trip.

Today is my oldest son's b-day as well - so happy birthday Big Brother!!

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  1. I hope Brextin is feeling better! So excited to hear how MEDEK goes...I've always thought that it seemed like a promising and interesting therapy. We'll be praying it helps the cute little man.