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Friday, April 10, 2009

Things are going well for his benefit!

Things are going well for Brextin's benefit - I am in the process of purchasing a lap top computer so I am able to take it with me - while I am in Madison - I plan on up keeping this blog updated- so other people will be able to track his progress -

I also will be purchasing a web camera so my husband will be able to see him in "real" time if we are able to see any "BIG" improvements - and especially so I am able to see and to connect with his older brother -

I will be finding staying away from my oldest son - very difficult while I am with Brextin in Madison for those 27 days. I am uncertain if I will be driving home on the weekends - the long drive does not interest me (3 1/2 hour drive) and once I get home - I will need to head back since we dive every morning at 8:30, except weekends.

The Hyperbaric center (HBO) in which I am going to is in Fitchburg, Wisconsin - the center is called, A place of Grace also known as Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center here is a video of the center as well - Shannon actually operates the center (she is Grace's mother). Grace is a darling little girl who was able to re-live through Hyperbarics - if you were interested in seeing a video about her and what exactly HBO is click here. . .
Part one
Part two:
Part three: (you can see the actual center in which we will be going to and the procedure of hyperbarics by watching this video)
Part four: (updated 2008)

Brextin has Infantile Spasms (seizures), vision, cognitive and physical problems - however our son does not have a mitochondria disorder, - I am praying for success - just as Grace has - my mom tries her best to keep me grounded - not all individuals see success with Hyperbarics - but I as a parent - need to at least try and do all that I can for our precious son -

So I ask if you are reading this and are in the area of his benefit - please help and spread the word - so each and everyone who appears will be able to help make difference in his life -

The benefit is scheduled from 11:00 until 4:00 at Elk Mound High School
We will be serving spaghetti from 11:00 until 1:30 or until we run out (we have had wonderful sponsors in the Chippewa Valley to help supply the food and supplies: Indian Head Food Warehouse, Rinehart Foods, Pepsi and Pactiv)
Other events that are planned are:
Silent auction
Cupcake walk
Thrift sale (just my kid stuff)
Kids games
Fire trucks
Finger printing

Thank you to all of the businesses which have been supportive while planning this event and especially for family, friends, and total strangers that have helped in organizing this wonderful benefit - THANK YOU!

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