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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Speech tools? Has anyone used these?

I am always looking for tools to help enforce better sounds for Brextin - and ran across these tools - I plan on asking our birth to three speech therapist - but am wondering if anyone has used these?
A tongue lateralization:®-tongue-lateralizationelevation-tool-p-596.html?osCsid=yzrixzbjonpdxnmu

Tongue lifter:

Tools that help with sensory-motor stimulation at the cheeks, soft palate, and pharynx.®-oral-motor-exercise-system-p-206.html?osCsid=yzrixzbjonpdxnmu

Jaw exerciser:®-exerciser-p-600.html?osCsid=yzrixzbjonpdxnmu

Lip gym:

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