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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I got what he had - and it isn't ANY fun!!

My husband predicted that I would get the bug on Saturday - and wouldn't you know - at 2 am - I was throwing my brains up - as it was leaking from the other end - I feel as if a bus has just hit me and is laying on top of me. I have been drinking a ton of juices and even Brextin's pedelite drink - it isn't as bad as I thought it would be - I am mixing it at times with juice. I am afraid to eat anything yet - but maybe today I will be adventurous.

Brextin is still not 100% well - but is doing much better - he has been having about one messy diaper a day and been throwing up about twice a day. He is quite tired as I am as well. We continue to pray that big brother doesn't get this terrible illness - it takes you down for the count. All throughout this illness we haven't seen an increase in seizures which is a plus - he did have one yesterday - but we did decide to continue his wean of Vigabitran - so currently he will be on 500mg - lately he has been on 750mg.

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