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Friday, April 30, 2010

He failed his hearing test - an ABR has been scheduled

Brextin seems to like real high frequencies so I am a little concerned that his hearing might not be the greatest - so we went to the hospital yesterday for a hearing test- we sat in a booth and the doctor did a variety of tests to see if he would respond as he heard different sounds at a variety of locations in a small sound proof room - he scored around a 40-50% on his responses. So we are now going to be scheduled for a stacked ABR test that will test his hearing capabilities as he is asleep or is sedated by attaching electrodes to certain areas on his head. We have tried to do something similar at Mayo but they keep putting us off so we will be doing the test locally at a hospital in Chippewa Falls.

He is also having a second opinion EEG done at a children's hospital in MN next week - our last second opinion was when he was 2 months old and that hospital totally missed any of his seizures - that was when we sought out Rochester Mayo.

My husband is against this second opinion (his opinion is - it is what it is) - I myself have an open opinion and I am gladly interested in what this new doctor has to say about his development and EEG results.

So far the name brand Keppra has been working - knock on wood - but we have not seen any seizure activity since Sunday. Again knock on wood! He might be having a honeymoon period. This is when a new drug works for about 2 weeks and then stops.

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