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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seeing improvements!

Just this week - we have noticed that when we hold onto his waist or his hands and have him walk towards us - he actually is beginning to lift his foot and move it forward - it just brought tears to my eyes - I am hoping I can get it on video and then I will post it -

This at no means - indicates that he will begin to walk today or tomorrow - because he still lacks the balance in the middle half - but it is an improvement - we have in the past just slid his feet as we had our feet behind his and but now he is actually lifting and moving his OWN feet - it has been amazing!!

There is HOPE!

I sure hope I can get a short video soon -

Plus he still hasn't vomited - we are hoping we will continue to see improvements now that he is actually keeping his food and nutrition down.

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