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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brextin gets tubes placed in his ears.

We are still going strong with no vomiting issues - it has been truly amazing - I think it has been over 8 weeks!! This morning he threw up a little, but nothing like in the past - he has been doing well - he just had tubes inserted into his ears - since he was born he has had over 12 ear infections so they decided it was time. Plus it will help a ton during his Hperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments - I won't have to be concerned if he is swallowing enough to clear the fluids in his ears - this will prevent the possibilities of his ears to rupture during treatments.

However - as always - nothing went smooth during his appointments - since our appointment was at 7:00 am we had to leave home awfully early - around 5:00 am - so we had to get him up around 4:30. They had finished prepping him for surgery and left the room for a little while and he was getting restless so I rocked him to sleep while I was holding him - and as soon as the nurse entered the room - she said something - and her voice ended up - startling Brextin, which caused him to have a seizure - his eyes opened WAY up and then he got stiffed - I quickly placed him on the floor and the doctors all watched as he had a seizure - the doctors even thought he had stopped breathing for a little while and asked if this was the norm - all we could respond with was "Yep"

So then after seeing him have a seizure the doctors were unsure if they wanted to go through with the surgery since it was an elective surgery and that we could re-schedule - he apologized and knew that we didn't live near by and that we both had taken the day off of work - but didn't feel safe to continue - he then talked amongst his peer doctors and decided since Brex was known to have seizures and it wasn't anything new that they would go threw with the surgery as long as we agreed to it - so we did go through with it -

Since Brextin tends to be worn out after a seizure all he wanted to do was sleep so they didn't want to give him to much gas - since they wanted to make sure he would be able to wake up - but as soon as they made the first cut - he woke up - so they ended up giving him more gas - and then when he was returned to the hospital room - he just wasn't himself - he was very squirmy - I had mentioned to the doctors the only time we see him like this - is when he is in pain so they gave him some pain killers and shortly afterwards he fell asleep and was fine -

Currently he is doing good - lately when he jumps in his device from the ceiling we have noticed his feet turn shades of purple - so we are continuing to observe - we have noticed this often when he is wearing his AFO shoes (special braces for his feet) we just often thought they were fitting his feet to tight - but I think it is lack of circulation within his body -

I am so anxious to hit the road for therapy - only about 6 more weeks -

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