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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brextin just got glasses - look how adorable he is!

Our little guy looks all grown up - He just got his glasses yesterday - the glasses are really really thick - when you look at his eyes through the lenses they appear to be 3 times the normal size - he really is blind - It is still early to tell if we think he is seeing better with glasses - but we are willing to try anything -
At certain times Brextin does receive Badger Care when our insurance will not cover certain things - and this is one situation - so we were not able to pick out these glasses - they do have hooks that go behind his ears - but they still slide down his nose.
If we feel as if the glasses are helping with his development we might look into getting a better pair that actually fit his face structure - and possible add a band that would go around his head.

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