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Friday, March 13, 2009

Brextin is doing better!

I am proud to say that Brextin is doing much better - he is back to being himself - he has been even keeping his food down. My mother and daycare provider are away on vacation together so it should be interesting around here since they are my backbone - but we are surrounded by a ton of other family and friends. We have been invited to attend a healing prayer chain at a local church in the community in which I teach at and will be planning to attend on Sunday evening. Keep the prayers coming in for our little guy -

We did skip therapy in Hudson this week since he was just not staying away - and then all of a sudden he was wide awake and just fine on Thursday. He actually had all three therapies from his birth to three teachers and got fitted for a gait trainer. We were so lucky to receive a gait trainer from Brextin's friend Elijah. Elijah who is a couple months younger than Brextin - has seen wonderful success with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and it has been nice to connect with other parents who have similar children. We continue to pray for all children in need.

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