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Saturday, October 2, 2010

This garden stake will be perfect for Brextin's garden!

I specially ordered some personalized garden stakes off of ebay right after Brextin became an angel and I am still waiting for them - it is going on 4 months - and I am hoping they still will be arriving. The lady told me they were shipped but some how got returned back to her home and they were all broken - so she is redoing them for me. I sure hope that I am not working with a dishonest person.
In the mean while - I found this website They make a garden stake that will be similar to the one from the ebay lady- but isn't as high as quality. (the one from ebay will allow me to add a poem and is twice the size) This garden stake was under $25.00 and every time I look into his garden - I will see him staring back at me. Currently since Winter is approaching I have placed the garden stake into a rubber tree plant that is housed inside - we received the tree from my husbands friends in memory of our son.

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